• Positioning Isometric Tiles & Displaying Levels At Optimum Zoom in Android

    City Flow is an Android game where players must rotate puzzle tiles until all flows (rivers, paths, etc) match up. Players can play existing levels, or create their own in a level editor. They can zoom in, out, and pan, so as to navigate larger puzzles easily. Whilst playing a level players are on a time limit, so ensuring all of the puzzle is on screen to begin with is very important to ensure the player doesn’t become frustrated having to initially get the puzzle in a good position.

  • Asynchronous Map Generator for Android

    City Flow is an Android game that tasks players with solving puzzles by rotating tiles to make all “flows” match up with no loose ends. Each tile has a flow (e.g. road, path, grass, river) on each side, as well as a height (high, normal, low). There are a few hundred built-in levels, but players can also create, share, and import their own levels for extended playability.

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