Whilst developing for Android, it’s often necessary to ask others for help, or discuss concepts / news. Whilst StackOverflow is excellent for solving problems long-term, sometimes it’s easier to talk through something in realtime. To that end, Discord is an excellent resource, this post will introduce a few of the larger communities.

I currently help moderate all of these communities, so feel free to message me on Discord (@JakeSteam#9845) with any questions!

Android Development Servers

Android Dev: This is the main Android development server. With over 3,000 members, the #beginner and #intermediate rooms have helpful people available 24/7. There are also specialist rooms to discuss libraries like #firebase and #dagger, and lots of information in #useful-resources. Finally, there is also #promotion, #app-showcase, and #hiring to promote various types of content.

Flutter Dev: Whilst smaller than the main server (1.6k members), the specialised nature of the server (Google’s Flutter framework) means it is much more helpful than the #flutter channel of Android Dev. As it is part of the same server network as Android Dev (Devs on Discord), they share the same channel structure.

General Android Servers

/r/Android: This massive server (12k users) is loosely affiliated with the subreddit, but has a very different tone. With very relaxed rules, most of the conversation ends up happening in #offtopic.

/r/AndroidGaming: This server (1.4k members) focuses on gaming news and discussion, as well as game recommendations and sharing content. Special roles are available for YouTubers, Twitch streamers, and game developers.

/r/AndroidQuestions: This server is quieter than the others (500 members), and is full of people asking questions, and a few helping. Generally the subreddit is a better place to ask, but it can’t hurt asking here too.