A couple of weeks ago, Google announced the Academy for App Success. This online tutorial series contains 10 collections of “courses”. Each course consists of a few pages of information, useful graphics, and sometimes a question or two at the end. Every aspect of the Play Store process is likely covered somewhere, thanks to the over 60 courses offered.

Additionally, many of the collections have a short 10-15 question multiple choice exam at the end, successful completion of which (70-80%+) will give you an award that can be displayed on your Academy for App Success profile. There are a total of 11 available, you can see them all on my profile.

Whilst much of the content will be familiar to those who have published an app before, previously developers had to figure it out themselves. All information is in one structured, logical place in the Academy, hopefully meaning new developers have a much easier time getting started!

The structure of the content regularly changes to keep it interesting. For example, there are flash cards / flipcards:

Tabbed elements:

Knowledge check quizzes:

And even mock conversations:

The resource is definitely worth a skim through, even if you’re a seasoned Play Store publisher. It takes 2-5 hours to complete, and contains a lot of helpful tips and features that may have been gone unnoticed otherwise.

Google Play Academy for App Success