Just a quick notice that entry to Udacity’s Android Developer nanodegree closes in around 32 hours after this post is published!

The program will walk you through all the steps to creating and publishing your own apps. It is intended for those with Java experience who want to evolve their knowledge into the Android ecosystem. You will receive guidance and support from peer review on all projects, and help with your résumé, LinkedIn, and GitHub profiles. The nanodegree is created in partnership with Google, ensuring that employers will recognize it as a useful qualification.

Whilst the suggested degree length is 8 months, steps are completed at your own pace. This means that those who already have Android experience can likely finish within a few months. Whilst the price is relatively high (£799 for term 1 & £799 for term 2), it’s a reasonable way to invest in your future, especially if your employer will fund the training.

The classroom opens February 12, 2019, and requires Java, Git, and GitHub experience beforehand. A full syllabus is available.

Note that this post isn’t sponsored at all, I’m just hoping to have more people on the course to discuss assignments with!

Enroll here.