Developing Android Apps With Firebase Authentication

Firebase Authentication provides an app with the ability to handle user registration, user logging in, and retrieving user data. It has the ability to integrate with phone-based authentication as well as common services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Github. This tutorial will cover the simplest integrations, email and Google account.

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Adding Firebase to an Android Project

Considering the vast array of features included in Firebase, adding it to your project is surprisingly easy. Later versions of Android Studio even include an assistant that analyses the current project and provides fixes for common integration mistakes.

This guide however, will focus on the very straightforward steps required to integrate Firebase manually.

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Getting Started with Sugar ORM

Sugar is a very easy to use ORM library used to make handling databases on Android hassle-free. Whilst it lacks some features, it is ideally suited to smaller projects due to the simple syntax.

There is official documentation, but it misses a few key points, so this article will serve as an alternative “Getting Started” guide. It also highlights a few vital options that aren’t mentioned in the official guide, and is geared towards those new to Android who want an easy way to setup a local database. Continue reading →