The Complete Guide to Firebase on Android

This series aims to provide a simple beginner’s guide to implementing Firebase services into an Android app. Most of these services can be extremely complex, so each tutorial provides a guide to adding the necessary dependencies, implementing the core features, and navigating the web interface.

All implementations are into the open source Firebase Reference Project, providing a way to see the code in action, and try it out yourself. Each Firebase service’s implementation is summarised in a pull request.

  • Creating A New Firebase Project
  • Adding Firebase to an Android Project
  • “Developing Android Apps With Firebase X”:
  • “Ensuring Your Android App’s Quality With Firebase X”:
    • Crashlytics
    • Performance
    • Test Lab
  • “Analysing Your Android App’s Usage With Firebase X”:
    • Dashboard
    • Events
    • Conversions
    • Audiences
    • Funnels
    • User Properties
    • Latest Release
    • Retention
    • StreamView
    • DebugView
  • “Growing Your Android App With Firebase X”:
    • Predictions
    • A/B Testing
    • Cloud Messaging
    • In-App Messaging
    • Remote Config
    • Dynamic Links
    • Admob